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Give a gift that gives back and helps others when you remember a loved one through a Memorial or Honorarium charitable donation. 

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jean cate children's fund

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In honor of Jean Cate, long time advocate and champion for the children of Hood County, this fund provides experiences that bring joy, comfort or delight to children in need. 

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cory lee campbell wings fund

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He was a good man . . . kind, loving and adventurous.  According to his mom, Patti Carey, Cory was fascinated with airplanes from an early age, learning everything he could about them, so no one was surprised when he became a corporate pilot. And as any professional pilot knows, the road to success requires an unwavering commitment, intense focus and a good support system. Cory had all three, which is exactly why he would love the concept behind the Cory Lee Campbell Wings Fund – helping women and children take flight away from abuse.

victor s. mercado memorial fund

Portrait of Senior Man

Mission Granbury provides counseling services to men, women and children who are victims of domestic violence.  Statistics show that 72% of men who suffer from depression and other mental health issues do not seek the counseling they need.  

The family of Victor S. Mercado established this memorial fund to help provide counseling services for men. 

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